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1. Services :

Any service offered by the Service Provider is referred to in this Agreement as "Service" or "Services," including but not limited to:

a) Help with bank account opening, as well as other financial services like payment accounts, debit cards, or any other financial instrument.

b) The provision of general information about, but not limited to, regulatory, corporate structure, and tax matters, as well as the advice or consulting services relating to corporate services, and bank account opening services.

c) Any additional service that the Client and the Service Provider mutually agreed upon.

d) Any member or agent of the Service Provider may invoice and collect all Service Fees, reimbursements, and expenditures payable to the Service Provider by this Agreement. A legitimate discharge of the Client's obligation to pay the Service under this Contract will result from the payment made by the Client to any employee or agent of the Service Provider.

2. Eligibility :

You represent and warrant by purchasing, using, and/or accessing our Services that:

a) You are an individual, legal person, or other organization with full legal ability and authority to enter into this Agreement, and you are at least 18 years old or of legal age to make a signed agreement under legal requirements.

b) You declare and warrant that you have all essential powers and rights to commit any legal entity on whose behalf you are entering into this Agreement if you are that legal entity's director, employee, lawyer, or agent; and

c) The Service Provider reserves the authority, in its sole discretion, to restrict or forbid the supply of Services to citizens and/or residents of particular countries, as well as to specific natural people and/or legal persons.

3. Appointment of Service Provider :

a) The Client will appoint the Service Provider to deliver Services to the Client by the terms of this Agreement, and the Service Provider approves such appointment provided that the Client complies with the conditions of this Agreement.

b) The requirement placed on the Service Provider to supply the Products shall be subject to the Service Provider having the required knowledge, documents, and resources at the pertinent time.

c) All information of any kind that the Service Provider may occasionally receive from the Client may be trusted without further investigation, and the Service Provider shall have no liability for any loss resulting from such trust.

4. Obligation of the client :

As long as this agreement is in effect, the Client shall:

a) Give the service provider any data, records, or other materials they may need to deliver the services to the client; and

b) Don't do anything, or don't allow that could make the Service Provider or any of its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, consultants, or agents subject to any legal action or punishment.

5. Proper Instructions :

a) The Service Provider has no obligation to verify the validity or originality of any Proper Instructions.

b) The Customer unconditionally releases and holds harmless the Provider and all of its officers, employees, shareholders, directors, contractors, professionals, and agents from any direct, indirect, and/or consequential losses that may be experienced severe or incurred by any of them as a result of any action or inaction that the Service Provider makes or fails to make in best interest reliance on the Proper Instructions.

6. Legal and Tax Advice :

a) The Client understands and accepts that the Service does not represent itself as an offering, and shall not be liable for acquiring or making available to the Client, any financial, legal, or tax advice about the Solutions provided to the Customer or any agreement the Client enters into.

b) The Client recognizes and understands that it is up to him to make sure he has obtained the necessary legal, tax, and financial advice linked to the Services and that his actions won't violate any applicable laws or regulations.

c) The Client understands and accepts that any written or spoken material given through the Consulting Services and during the supply of the Services generally is not intended to be taken as legal, tax, or financial advice and should not be regarded as such.


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8. Want to Stop ADS247365 services?

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Our customer support staff will assess the issue, and if necessary, we may get in touch with you to hear your concerns. However, we will handle your request if you are still unsatisfied.

The procedure starts, and we stop your services and all of your information from our service history. We want to let you know that any termination of your use of ADS247365 services means that you have made your final choice. You must begin a new process with us if you want to use our services again.


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